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Feeling adventurous and wanting to try something new? This pack offers you a little taste of everything porcus has to offer! 8 fantastically tasty porcus products ensuring bellies are full for a good few days!


This taster pack contains:
2 x Simply pork sausages
2 x Back bacon
2 x Charcuterie platters (includes Lomo, Culatello, Airdried Ham & Coppa)
2 x  Randomly selected meal in a jar – your choice from the pull down bar or select ‘random’ and we’ll choose four you! ( who doesn’t love a surprise!)


Pack weights:
Sausages per pack 360g – 400g
Bacon per pack 225g – 300g
Meal in a Jars 500ml


As a small artisan producer, we may temporarily, run out of some of the items we have on offer. If this should happen we will replace those items, no longer in stock, with a similar product of equal or higher value.



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