We are doing our best at a time of great challenges to us all. Due to new courier guidelines we can no longer take orders to be delivered to a commercial address. We will also ask that , when placing your order, you add a ‘leave in a safe place’ option – with clear instructions where your parcel can be left safely if you are not able to answer the door. The courier service is full to bursting and they can not allow flexibility at this time. We hope that once this crisis has passed – deliveries will return to normal. Many thanks for your understanding.

Real Pork for Real Foodies!

Porcus is real food, made by real people with real provenance. We farm the pork ourselves, making sure that the highest welfare standards are afforded to all of our pigs. We slow grow them, free range on our own pasture and allow them to do all the things pigs love to do in the beautiful outdoors of the Pennines. In return we get amazing tasting meat complemented with only the finest, freshest ingredients from which we produce fantastic, hand made Artisan Sausages.

More than just a good sandwich!

All our pigs are grown in fields and free-to-roam in the fresh air – just as pigs should!


Living in the fresh Yorkshire air is great for the pigs – but it brings challenges for us as farmers that the intensive units don’t have. That said – The end result makes those challenges truly worth it!


We produce a range of charcuterie, Artisan sausages and a range of ready made meals with a difference.


We are passionate about what we do and believe that we can make a difference by doing it!


Porcus isn’t just a farm – it’s an ethos and a way of life for all involved.