The Shepherdess Selection


To celebrate the visit of Amanda Owens, Yorkshire’s own Shepherdess. We’ve put together a special pack for you!


This pack contains:
2 x Simply Pork sausage
2 x Back Bacon
1 x Gin Salami
1 x Charcuterie Platter
1 x MIAJ Prussian Meatballs
1 x MIAJ Italian Meatballs
3 x Beer Stix – 1 of each flavour


Pack weights:
Sausages per pack 360g – 400g
Bacon per pack 225g – 300g


As a small artisan producer, we may temporarily, run out of some of the items we have on offer. If this should happen, we will replace those items, no longer in stock, with a similar product of equal or higher value.



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