Air Dried Ham


The classic cured meat – hung in the fresh air for between 12 and 18 months capturing the depth and richness of flavour that only time and quality brings.


We use the finest cuts from our own herd of pedigree British rarebreed pigs which have been genuinely free ranging and outdoor reared on our farm in the Pennies.


There are many variations to this recipe ,throughout the world ,but our Todmorden version also embraces welfare and ethics and combines them with the age old art of curing to produce such a unique Yorkshire take on this product.


Minimum pack weight 50g.


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Porcus Free-to-roam Pork, Dry Cure, Spices, Preservative: E250, E252. ALLERGENS: None

Prepared with 140g meat per 100g finished product due to moisture loss during initial curing and subsequent hanging/maturing.


50g, 100g

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