Culatello means ‘little backside’ in Italian and is one of the most prized salumi in Italy: mentions of this delicacy date back to the 15th century but not until recent years have British charcuterie producers understood its qualities.


We use the finest cuts from the of pork, using the back muscle the leg, from our own herd of pedigree British rarebreed pigs which have been genuinely free ranging and outdoor reared on our farm in the Pennies.


Our Culatello is bursting with flavour and has a delicate texture with a pikant ‘kick’ to the palette – an amazing addition to any charcuterie platter.


Minimum pack weight 50g.


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Weight50 g

Porcus Free-to-roam Pork, Dry Cure, Spices, garlic, smoked paprika Preservative: E250, E252 . ALLERGENS: None

Prepared with 140g meat per 100g finished product due to moisture loss during initial curing and subsequent hanging/maturing.


50g, 100g

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