Cured in local dark beer and treacle, lightly smoked and then air dried to create the powerful taste and subtle texture required from such an exceptional cut of meat.


We use the finest cuts of pork , using the shoulder muscle,  from our own herd of pedigree British rarebreed pigs which have been genuinely free ranging and outdoor reared on our farm in the Pennies.


Our Coppa packs a taste punch and is equally at home accompanied by beers or fine wines.


Minimum pack weight 50g.


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Porcus Free-to-roam Pork, Dry Cure, Spices,Bowland Buster IPA, treacle, juniper Preservative: E250, E252. ALLERGENS: None

Prepared with 140g meat per 100g finished product due to moisture loss during initial curing and subsequent hanging/maturing.


50g, 100g

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